Museum of Dog

Upcoming Exhibits

M.O.D. will be presenting rotating exhibits for some of the best dog inspired artists in the country. We are honored to host Jesse Freidin as our very first visiting artist.
In addition to rotating exhibits in the North Adams gallery, M.O.D. will partner with York Sculpture Park to present Seismic Dogs of New Madrid.  As highlighted in Dr. Conevery Valencius’ (Boston) book, “The Lost History of the New Madrid Earthquakes”, the events impacted the entire U.S. and the future settlement of the country.

The exhibit will focus attention on the important tasks dogs perform to help their fellow beings.  Earthquake recovery dogs selflessly risk their lives to find survivors in the most crucial minutes following disasters..

As part of a rural arts development project, Museum of Dog will participate in other upcoming events to honor dogs and the family farms they share.