Museum of Dog

Other Things to Do In the Berkshires

There’s no shortage of things to do when it comes to this little region. It’s packed full of arts and culture–which is why it was the perfect place for Museum of Dog to call home. From orchards to wineries to museums and the famous MASS MoCA, there is something for everyone. Our perfect Berkshire day:

  1. Wake up at The Porches Inn or Tourists, two of our favorite home away from homes to date!
  2. Start at Museum of Dog to start your day off with man’s best friend–name a better way to start your day than celebrating our favorite furry pals.
  3. Spend a few hours in the great outdoors–there’s so much to do no matter the season!
  4. Grab lunch at one of the many unique eateries (wine, anyone?)
  5. End the day with a beautiful and engaging visual performance–check here for some of the best!


For more specific info, check out the top 10 lists on the Berkshires’ website.